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Welcome to the University of Kansas! Here at KU we are proud to be home to one of the most prestigious Greek communities in the country. The Interfraternity Council fraternities on our campus have promoted brotherhood, friendship, service, and academics for over 130 years. I hope that you consider joining our Greek community throughout your four years as a student here.

To become a member of a Fraternity, you must go through the process of recruitment. Recruitment, simply stated, is the membership selection process.

Our process at The University of Kansas is a little more complex than other campuses.

Fraternity recruitment at KU occurs year round. However, your experience when going through recruitment can be very different depending on the time of year. Recruitment is therefore broken down into 2 seasonal categories. These two categories are Spring Informal Recruitment, and Summer Formal Recruitment. 

The most prominent and traditional form of recruitment is Spring Informal Recruitment. The next most common form of recruitment is our Summer Formal Recruitment. To learn more about each type of recruitment please follow the links to their respective pages. 

Although many PNM's might find their respective chapters through the use of only one form of recruitment, I can say with certainty that the best matches between chapters and new members are made when every possibility to participate in recruitment is utilized. So I would encourage you to take your time in making your decision. When and if you do get a bid, its not going to fly away from you, so take your time! Think about your decision and don't be afraid to continue to visit other chapters even when you are sitting on one or several bids. Visiting as many chapters as possible is the key to successful recruitment. 

And as always if you have any questions or concerns about the Recruitment Process, feel free to shoot me an email.

Thanks! And welcome to the Rock Chalk Family!


Sam Hartman
IFC Director of Recruitment
(913) 593-3878

Below is our Fraternity Recruitment Questionnaire. The information you fill out here will be collected by the IFC Director of Recruitment and then sent out to chapter recruitment chairs on a weekly basis. Information collected here will help a chapter determine if you have already met their baseline requirements for membership. Each Fraternity will have their own standards for GPA, ACT, and SAT scores. Some fraternities will only consider you if you have above a 3.0 GPA, whereas others may have higher/lower standards. Fraternities will also take into consideration if you are a legacy, and if you are involved in extracurricular activities. If the information submitted meets or exceeds a chapter's standards, you will most likely be contacted by a chapter representative to set up a visit and begin the recruitment process.

Recruitment Questionnaire

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