Spring Informal 

Informal refers to the fact that this type of recruitment is carried out solely between the chapters and the potential new members. It is up to chapters and the PNMs to get in contact with each other to schedule dates and times for the two parties to meet and learn more about each other.

Click here to find each chapter’s rush chair’s contact information.

On KU's campus this is by far the most common type of recruitment. You will find that every single chapter at KU participates and often the majority of their newest member classes will come from guys recruited in this time frame. 

Many chapters begin their informal recruitment process right around the end of January and beginning of February. This process can continue into May, but will usually end when finals come up as our members are all students and their focus generally switches during that time.

To get involved you should follow the following steps:

1. Fill out the recruitment questionnaire

2. Visit the chapters page of our website and send out emails to the recruitment chairs of the chapters you might be interested in joining. The chapters page has links to their respective websites where you can learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of each chapter. That should aid in guiding your interests.

3. Attend chapter recruitment events and IFC recruitment events as they become available to you.

4. Eventually chapters might extend you a formal invitation to join their organization, also known as a bid.

5. When and if you receive one or more bids, decide on a single chapter and return the signed bid to the recruitment chair(s). Once that is done, the recruitment process is finished. 

Here is an example of an email you could send to a chapter, its just an example so feel free to edit it as you see fit:

Subject:  Interested in Rushing

To: Chapter@website.com


My name is **your name here** and I am an incoming **your class year here** and I am interested in learning more about your Chapter! I was hoping that we could work out a time where I could visit with you and other members of the Chapter to learn a little more about your organization. I already plan on being in Lawrence on this weekend **insert dates here** for Orientation. Could we work out a time to meet with you then? Either way I would like to be put on your list to hear more about your chapters recruitment events. 

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you soon!

**your name here**