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Greetings from the office of the Interfraternity Council at the University of Kansas. As you are probably well aware, the University of Kansas has many excellent traditions that aide in creating an outstanding academic institution and rich college life for their students. One of these outstanding traditions at the University of Kansas is Sorority/Fraternity Life. The fraternity community operates under four pillars: scholarship, leadership, service and friendship. These four pillars have created the framework that has created such a great tradition at KU.

We are students, and our primary focus at the University of Kansas is receiving a world-class education. Our community continually demonstrates this as we traditionally surpass the University average GPA and graduation rates. Continually our GPA far exceeds that of the all-University men's GPA as well as the fraternity new member GPA exceeds the All University Freshmen Men GPA and retention rates. These statistics speak largely about the academic tradition amongst fraternities at KU. We are partly able to accomplish this by providing a wealth of educational and leadership opportunities to develop the skills necessary for success in future endeavors.

As a member of the community leadership opportunities seem to find you. Whether it is becoming involved in your chapter, campus or community, a fraternity will give you an advantage that most students do not have when first coming to campus. That advantage is already having a networking group that will support you in accomplishing your goals. Further, fraternities are always looking for ways to give back to their community.

The decision to join a fraternity is a lifelong one, and with it will come lifelong benefits, all with the hopes of building better men, preparing them to be productive members of society and in the process creating friendships that will last a lifetime. With 21 chapters residing under the Interfraternity Council, KU features one of the largest fraternity communities in the country with endless opportunities available for all students. We hope you will consider becoming a part of this great KU tradition.


The Executive Board
Interfraternity Council