Alpha Sigma Phi Colony - ΑΣΦ

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Ben Leeper                                                                                913-575-1100

JT Richardson                                                                          913-951-7999

Twitter                                                                  @AlphaSigs_KU


Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity is the fastest growing fraternity of choice in the United States. Founded at Yale in 1845, Alpha Sigma Phi is the 10th oldest fraternity in existence and is comprised of 126 active chapters, 25 colonies, and 2 interest groups. Due to active expansion efforts, Alpha Sigma Phi continues to offer services and opportunities to more than 2,500 undergraduate students and over 70,000 living alumni.

Alpha Sigma Phi is currently colonizing at the University of Kansas, and is looking to attract and recruit the best and brightest men on campus. 

Founding Date:  1845, KU 2016

Chapter Size: 45

Financial Dues: New Member $500/Semester; Active Member $400/Semester

Spring 2018 GPA: 3.07